I work with customers all over the world, creating commissioned paintings to immortalise a special moment in their lives.

Commissioning a custom painting is very simple, and I am more than happy to discuss ideas without any obligation to purchase.  Just send me a message using the form below, outlining any thoughts about what you want the painting to represent.  Don't worry if you don't know what you want to begin with, I can guide you through the process and share my experiences as an artist in order to create something truly special, and representative of the relationship between the subjects.  

If you are looking for photorealistic paintings, I'm not the artist for you.  My paintings rely on capturing relationships between subjects by use of colour and form, and are abstract in nature. 

Potentially any mood, or different elements from multiple photographs can be incorporated, however I do try to steer away from posed family portraits or people looking directly at the camera; I prefer to capture people 'in the moment’.

I send photographs of each stage of the painting to make sure you're completely happy with the progress and prevent any surprises.

The process usually takes around 4 weeks from start to finish.


Pricing varies according to subject, but as a loose guide:

12" x 16" canvas - £450 plus shipping

20" x 30" canvas - £600 plus shipping

40" x 60" canvas - £1100 plus shipping


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